Huawei B525 – firmware guide to enable bridge mode and more.

Hello everyone!Found this thread by searching the webz as I’ve recently purchased A B525 from amazon uk & was after some info & this thread has proven to be a huge help in setting up my new network & getting the fastest speeds from it – many thanks to everyone who has posted info here, it’s very much appreciated.I live in rural wales & have been stuck with super slow & expensive broadband for the last 6 years ( 3mb down, 1mb up on a good day & weather permitting!) as I had no 4G signal until a few weeks ago when it suddenly started showing on my mobile – I guess the comms mast was upgraded. After searching around I went for the B525 from amazon uk with a SIM card from Three for only £18 p/m with unlimited everything with intentions of dumping my useless & unreliable broadband & phone line completely if all worked out well. I didn’t want to stop using my Asus AC86U for routing so it was important that the B525 could be used in bridge mode, as well as incoming & outgoing calls.When the B525 arrived I connected it up in normal DHCP mode without the Asus router for testing & was amazed to find that I was suddenly getting ~80mb download speeds – praise the cyber gods! However, I couldn’t for the life of me get the phone to receive incoming calls (as others have reported here) & my speeds would suddenly drop down to ~20mb without explanation – so after searching the web I found this thread which has shed light on my issues.I was completely unaware of different bands = different speeds as well as being able to control which band my B525 connected to until I found this thread & after a little more investigation & testing I was able to “lock on” to band 3 1800 by using the huaCtrl app mentioned in this thread, which has kept my speed at a constant(ish) 80mb, but I was still unable to fix the incoming calls issue.Happy with my speeds now, I connected my Asus AC86 to the B525 & set the B525 to bridged mode, waited a few minutes for everything to “warm up” then tried the call function again – hey presto – I could receive calls! So, it seems that the calls function only works fully when the B525 is in bridged mode.So, I’m super happy now & have cancelled my expensive & draconian phone line & broadband & am using my B525 for both my internet & home phone. I have also connected an outdoor antenna from amazon uk which has boosted my signal to full (5 bars) as well as my speed which is now up to ~120mb down & 20mb up!I travel a lot & am sometimes away for months at a time, so the beauty of this system is that instead of paying for a phone line & broadband internet that I’m not using while away I can simply switch everything off, remove the Three SIM from the router & slot it into my dual SIM mobile & I have free, unlimited internet anywhere I go as well as having my home phone on my mobile – perfect!Once again, thank you to everyone who posted info on this thread, I would never have known how to set this system up otherwise.Merry xmas to you, if that’s you’re thing.

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