Tenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

Tenda is not a big name in terms of networking products but quite popular when it comes to budget segments routers in India. The company offers quite a good range of routers without burning a hole in the consumer’s pocket, thus cost-effective to cater to all day-to-day home and small office networking needs. We already have reviewed the older version of F6 N300 and the new version is also with the same name which is a little bit strange and confusing. However, the company already have replaced the older version with the new one on its website product page. The price of it is 1199 INR.Tenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

The new version of the F6 has the quite simple and sleek design, however, in terms of specifications, it is not different from the predecessor. Let’s see its quick F6 N300 review.



Tenda F6 V4.0 wi-fi Home router Review

Tenda F6 Router specifications:

How to Setup Tenda F6 N300 Router

LED indicators/Ports and Buttons

Tena F6 V4.0 N300 DesignTenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

Pros of Tenda F6 v4.0 N300

Tenda F6 router Cons:

Tenda F6 V4.0 wi-fi Home router Review

Tenda F6 N300 Box contents:

The Tenda F6 router

One 9 Volts and 600 mA power adapter

One Ethernet Cable

User Manual and Quick Start GuideTenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

Tenda F6 Router specifications:

Standard&Protocol: IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u

Interface: 1*10/100Mbps port & 3*10/100Mbps ports

Antenna: 4*5dBi external antennas

Button: 1*WiFi/Reset button

Power: input: AC 100-240V—50/60Hz and output: DC 9V 0.6A

LED: LED light*1

Dimension: 204*147.5*211mmTenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

Wireless Standards: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Rate: 300Mbps

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Wireless Security: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2

Internet Connection Type: PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP

Operating Mode: Wireless Router Mode. AP Mode, WISP Mode & Universal Repeater Mode

DHCP Server: DHCP Server, DHCP Client List & DHCP Reservation

Virtual Server: Port Forwarding, DMZ Host & UPnPTenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

Firewall: Forbid UDP flood attack, Forbid TCP flood attack & Forbid flood attack

DDNS: Support Oray.com,88ip

Other: Bandwidth Control, MAC Close Static Routing, System Log, Backup& Restore configuration, firmware upgrade online & Firmware upgradeable via a browser

Humidity: Operating Humidity:10% ~ 90% RH non-condensing & Storage humidity: 5% ~ 90% RH non-condensing

Default Settings: Default Access: tendawifi.com or

Certification: CCC,CE

How to Setup Tenda F6 N300 Router

Quick Installation GuideTenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

Connect the Power Adapter to your router.

Connect the WAN cable to the router’s WAN port blue in colour, if you have a modem then connect the LAN coming from your modem directly to WAN of the router.

Power on your modem.

The LED indicator lights solid on.

Wireless devices: Connect wireless devices to the WiFi network of the router using the default WiFi name specified on the product label. By default, there is no WiFi password.

Wired devices: Connect wired devices to LAN1, LAN2 or LAN3 port of the router

Now, open your mobile or PC browser on the device which is connected to Tenda F6 and type its default IP address to configuration panel:

Start a web browser on a computer connected to the router, enter or tendawifi.com into the address bar, and press Enter.Tenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

The router detects your internet connection type automatically, which is PPPoE in this example. Enter the user name and password provided by your internet service provider (ISP), set up a WiFi name and WiFi password, and click OK.

Done. Connect your wireless devices to the WiFi network of the router again using the WiFi name and password you set. Your wired devices connected to the router can access the internet directly now.

LED indicators/Ports and Buttons

LED indicator

Solid on

The router is starting or connected to the internet successfully.

Slow blinking

The router fails to connect to the internet.Tenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

Fast blinking for 3 seconds

A wired device is connected or disconnected to the router




Used to connect to the included power adapter.


Used to connect this router to the internet.Tenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review


Used to connect to wired devices such as computers or switches


WiFi on/off button and reset button. – Hold the button down for 1~3 seconds to turn on or off the WiFi network of the router. – Hold the button down for about 8 seconds, then release when the LED indicator blinks fast. The router is reset successfully.

Common Questions related to setup:

Tena F6 V4.0 N300 Design

In terms of design, the new v4.0 F6 router of Tenda is more simple and elegant than the previous one. The earlier F6 router wan in dome or pyramid shape with four antennas at the corners which were little absurd to me at least; however, this has a sleek and slim shape with all four antennas at the rear side. All of them can be adjusted to ensure proper channelling of signalling in all directions.

The front side is absolutely clean with a small blue colour LED indicator for power and network activities. If we put a glance over its side, a beautiful curvey structure can be seen which add an extra touch of beauty element. Yes, it would be great if LED light would have been placed at the front face of router rather on top because if we place the router on some plan surface at some height then knowing about the status of the router will be a little bit difficult.Tenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

In terms of the ports, it has three LAN and one for WAN input apart from it, the power inlet and rest button are also situated on the rear panel.

Overall, a minimalistic design approach of the router proves a space-saving for a home or small office users those don’t want a bulky router.

Pros of Tenda F6 v4.0 N300

It has a lightweight and the plastic used in it is also durable to bear mishaps.

The router control panel is accessible in 11 languages, the default English language.

The control panel management interface of the Tenda is quite simple to understand and very intuitive. The homepage of the Tenda F6 router displays the network speed, the number of devices connected, the internet configuration, and other tidbits of the necessary information you will need.

The Tenda F6 v4.0 router is one of the fewest low budget routers that provide Bandwidth control management that can be accessed from the control panel of the router. The setting of downloading and uploading of data limit is possible from this section even we can completely cut-off the internet access of certain devices connected to the router to save the bandwidth.

The speed, I got on the router was satisfactory, however, we can’t expect the same speed on Wire and Wireless connections, thus I got around 60 Mbps speed through Ethernet, and the speed was around 40 Mbps on devices connected to it through Wi-Fi. The speeds are thus, satisfying at its price.Tenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

Parental control feature is another nice pros of the budget F6 router, as it helps the parents to protect their kids from spending unlimited hours on the internet or social networking websites, also the blocking of some particular websites is possible on it.

Parental control

If you want to get rid of the Wi-Fi addiction and want solace, you can even configure the Tenda F6 router to automatically turn off Wi-Fi on certain days at certain times of the day using the Wi-Fi Schedule functionality. The Wi-Fi functionality will be disabled and none of the devices will be able to access the internet through the Wi-Fi network in the chosen time intervals.

To improve security you on Tenda F6 router for your home or small business, you can block certain devices from getting connected, or allow only a set of devices to get connected, if you don’t want anybody to squander your network capability in any way. It can be accomplished using the ‘Blacklist’ and ‘Whitelist’ filter in the ‘Advanced’ tab of the router control panel.

Mac Address filter

The connection speed wasn’t disappointing at all, even after connecting around 8 devices parallelly, with Chromecast playing videos at Full HD, parallel downloads on my laptop and smartphone, with my family members surfing the internet, all at the same time. You will hardly put any extra load on the router if you are using it only for your home requirements.

The coverage was practical to insense, even after moving to 3 floors up from the place where the router has been placed, one can easily use the internet. You can easily get around 80 metres of range in an open environment. However, in dense home scenarios, you would not get 15 to 20 meters of range, however, I can’t expect more from a 1200 rupees router at all.

3 years of warranty.Tenda F6 V4.0 N300 wi-fi router review

Didn’t find any sudden break or frequent connection disconnection problem.

We also didn’t face any significant performance loss at on 8 connections.

It can be used Universal Wifi repeater, yes, if you have old router intact and in working condition and want to extend its range then no need to replace simply install the Tenda F6 within the range of that particular router and then select the Universal Reapter mode form the Internet settings.

Tenda F6 router Cons:

The Tenda F6 router has a very good range, but I expected a slightly better range with four 5 dbi omnidirectional antennas.

Although it is not a con, it should have 802.1 AC standard along with the 5 GHz band on the Tenda F6 router.

The router doesn’t have a dedicated on/off button. This might not a big Con but a physical button to switch the device on or off can be handy.

Bottom line: At the price of ₹1,199, all the cons of the Tenda F6 can be neglected because what it is providing at this low price is enough to enjoy Wifi in-home and small offices. We could also limit the bandwidth and block explicit websites from the reach of children using Parent control. Thus, if you have tight budget constraints and want a router for personal & home usage only with not much load then Tenda F6 v4.0 is the optimum choice, especially at the price, it is coming.

The Tenda F6 v4.0 Ratings given below are based on the price it is coming at:

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