Improve Your Home Wi-Fi with Mesh, Powerline, MoCA, or More Routers

Another good tip: storms and cable runs. I have a garage over 75’ from home. I had foresight to install twin conduits for comm/network and for power from the house/switching for lighting at garage-3way.A few years back, lightning struck the woodlands behind my property. I never witnessed it (heard it!) but I suspect the EMP from it was the culprit of why the next day, the nearest garage door opener died. Other one was fine. So troubleshooting found the board was dead (it was the newest of openers in the garage but 1 month past warranty. Board was $40 and some reprogramming of remote code-pair).

My point is that having a long run of ethernet in the ground as now resulted in a possible storm issue. I seem to have some issue with a switch in the garage although everything is on good UPS/surge protection, that started after a big storm this summer. An article about a storm had me thinking maybe the storm was the issue with my hardware in the garage. Maybe I need to think about end-to-end fiber (which will still need either special hardware switch or Fiber to ethernet transceivers at each end.I am also asking if ANYONE has experience and luck with Orbi, reach out to me. I am frustrated with their support that I have RBR40 w/ two active satellites (a spare third I am thinking of using) and I backhauled with ethernet. Well, on the Orbi app, it shows one is ethernet connected, but the other is 2.4Ghz. I tried reseting, bring to house (this is the garage one btw) close to main Orbi base station, but it doesn’t reset (amber) but goes red. I think there is too long a process to connect to ethernet and wait for it to show up. There is no diags for the unit, but it did let me update all to latest firmware (which, for me, I have to use Google Chrome as all other browsers don’t work right). The iOS app is just dumbed down (I prefer using IP login and management). Plus the garage is not climate controlled and fear even this summer heatwaves might have affected the ORBI.I am considering replacing it, but I may only stay in this home another year, so doing fiber run AND updating hardware might be foolish. For now, I will try using the spare, but Orbi-Netgear support is just… silly.

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