Are NBA 2K servers down? Here’s how to check

When you sit down after a long day for some NBA 2K action, not being able to log into the game will come as a rude awakening. Considering most gamers tend to have limited time on their hands, they’ll want to get into the game no matter what.Are NBA 2K servers down? Here’s how to check

Though you can sometimes squeeze into the servers if they’re struggling with the demand, it may not be the case if they’re completely down. When the servers go down, you won’t be able to get into 2K and you’ll need to wait for the devs to fix whatever’s bothering the servers.

Devs usually let the fans know through official channels when there’s a server-wide problem that’s affecting all players, but there are other places you can check first which usually respond faster in moments of crisis.

Here’s how you can check if the NBA 2K servers are doing okay.

Check out NBA 2K’s official server status page

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2K has its own server status website. Players can check out how the NBA 2K servers are doing on all the platforms it’s available on.

From PlayStation to Stadia, you’ll be able to see if NBA 2K servers are up or not. There’s also a small refresh button at the top of the list that allows you to refresh the server status as many times as you want.

If server status are set to normal and everything’s up and running, you should be able to get into NBA 2K without any problems. These tickers can sometimes be slow to pick up on server outages, however, making the methods below decent alternatives to cover all bases.Are NBA 2K servers down? Here’s how to check

Visit downdetector

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Downdetector may look like it’s doing the same as the official website, but it relies more on user and traffic data than anything else.

Users can manually start reporting problems with the servers on Downdetector and it can pick up if there’s something wrong faster than the official web due to player feedback.

There’s also a comment section on the website players sometimes use to report the region they’re having server problems with, which can be crucial when it comes to determining if the server outage is local or global.

Check in with the community

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Similar to Downdetector, most players players will also flood into community hubs if they‘re unable to log into NBA 2K.Are NBA 2K servers down? Here’s how to check

Community hubs like Reddit can be perfect to check in with the community since many players will create threads or reply under existing ones when there’s something wrong with the servers.

If there’s an issue players can fix themselves, you can stumble upon these solutions as you’re browsing through threads.

What if the servers are up, but you still can’t get into NBA 2K?

When the servers are up and you still can’t access the game, you may need to perform some troubleshooting methods for your home network.

Resetting your router will be a great first step. Doing so will allow you to reestablish the line between you and an internet service provider (ISP), which will do the same to your connection to 2K’s servers.

An easy way to quickly troubleshoot your home network will also be through trying to connect to NBA 2K with a mobile hotspot connection. This’ll allow you to share the mobile data plan on your phone, which will be more than enough to if it allows you to log into the game. If you can connect to the game with your mobile data, but can’t do so with your home network, you should call your ISP to see if there are any problems on their end.

Alternatively, you can also try out changing your DNS and switching to a cabled connection if you’re on Wi-Fi. Though these are basic troubleshooting methods, it’s hard to pinpoint what may be going wrong with your home connection, so covering all bases can increase your chances of getting back to NBA 2K.

In cases where your ISP confirms there isn’t anything wrong on their hand and you know the servers are running fine, you should submit a support ticket to NBA 2K. Explain all the troubleshooting methods and include screenshots and even a video if possible. More details will help the support team pinpoint the issue faster, reducing the overall wait time you’d need to endure to get a reply back. Depending on your situation, you can get a reply with further instructions on how you can fix the problem or you may need to provide more details that will help them further investigate the situation for you.

As you’re waiting for servers to get back up or your connection to become stable again, you can spend the downtime studying NBA 2K on YouTube or through written guides, so once you’re back online, you can try new tricks to outmaneuver your opponents. If you want to get better at NBA 2K studying the game more than playing will be beneficial in the long run since you’ll always have a goal when you launch the game.

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