Where To Get Boxes For Moving

Moving can be overwhelming on the whole as you would be moving to another house with all of your belongings. While shifting, you may have to face problems like unreliable movers, time constraints, security, and money.

People usually shift from either a rented home or their own home, to make way for a permanent residence. Some also shift to improve their quality of life by moving into homes similar to these luxury homes for sale in avondale. Whatever the reason, there is a lot to consider before making the final move away from home and you may also need to decide the fate of your current place of residence.

In case, you are leaving your own home, you may want to sell it to any other individual that could help you earn money to finance your new house. While putting up your home advertisement for reselling, you may need to do the necessary repair works, which could help in increasing the resale value. You can call relevant service providers for painting, flooring, plumbing (have a look at plumber glendale), and roofing to fix any existing repairs. Even after getting your home ready for reselling, you may have to consider the packing and moving portion of home shifting. The process of packing is probably one of the most stressful parts. Not only do you have to sort, wrap and pack your belongings for transport, but there is also the added expense and hassle of getting boxes to pack. If you’re not so fond of doing all these, you could hire movers madison wi or elsewhere to help you out.
Anyway, if hiring movers isn’t a viable option for you, thankfully, there are ways to source moving boxes, and some won’t cost you a dime. Here’s where to get boxes for your move.

1. Buy Them

The easiest way to get moving boxes is to purchase them. Of course, whether you decide to purchase or not depends on your budget and how many boxes you need to pack up your household. The most significant advantage of purchasing boxes is that you know exactly what you are getting and can even buy complete moving kits, saving you time and effort. Individual moving boxes are not expensive, but they can add up fast, especially if you need to buy several dozen.

2. Friends and Family

Around 80% of all products sold in the United States are packaged in boxes. With the popularity of online shopping continuing to rise, your friends and family are very likely to have a stash of shipping boxes. Put the word out a few weeks before your move to let your friends and family members know you need any spare boxes. Also, ask your social media network to keep an eye out for anyone they know that recently moved or is looking for someone to take boxes off their hands.

3. Local Classifieds

Where To Get Boxes For Moving

Local classifieds are a goldmine for free or low-priced items, especially moving boxes. Some local sources you should browse include Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Freecycle and Nextdoor. Do diligent research first and always arrange to meet in a public place or take a partner with you for pickup. Also, pay in cash (if they are charging for the boxes) or pay via Paypal (or similar), so you are not giving away your private information.

4. Retailers

Retail stores are constantly receiving shipments in boxes. Specifically, grocery and liquor stores receive shipments more regularly, and their boxes tend to be more uniform in size. Speak to a manager about getting the boxes once they are empty. Also, keep in mind that retailers do not like to sit and hold boxes because it takes up space. If you are given permission to take the boxes, pick them up promptly on the arranged date.

5. U-Haul Box Exchange

What better way to get moving boxes than from someone who has recently moved? U-Haul box exchange connects customers to buy and sell boxes with each other. Go to the moving company’s website and search by zip code to locate a person near you giving away or selling boxes. In addition, U-Haul has a drop location in all company stores where customers can drop off their reusable moving boxes for other customers to take and use for free.

6. Recycle Centers

Currently, about 70% of cardboard boxes used commercially are recycled. That’s a lot of boxes heading for your local recycling center. Call the recycling center first to find out the rules for getting cardboard boxes before you head over. Most of the boxes will be broken down and flattened to save space. So, if you are going to go the recycling center route, be sure to stock up on extra packaging tape.

Free Box Hunting Do’s and Don’ts

Getting free boxes is a great way to cut down on moving costs. However, here are some things to keep in mind before you start collecting free boxes.

Always ask before you take

Even if it seems like the boxes are headed for the trash or recycling, it’s always best to ask for permission before taking anything off someone’s property. The only exception is if there is a “free” or “please take” sign permitting you.

Only take boxes in good condition

This advice may seem like a given, but when you get bulk boxes from recycling centers or retailers, you never know the type of condition the boxes will be in. Recycle any that are damaged. You don’t want to risk the box breaking during the move. You can reinforce boxes with tape to a point, but if it already looks weaker than average, leave it behind.

Use a moving calculator

Several free moving calculators are available to help you estimate how many boxes you will need to pack up your household. Having just the correct number of boxes will save you time and frustration when you are in the middle of packing.

Pass it along

Once you are settled into your new space, sell or donate your boxes to another mover in need. This is an excellent way to get the most out of the cardboard boxes before they end up in recycling centers. Plus, by having someone else pick up your boxes, there’s less chore to do as you set up your new home.

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