How to access router settings and change your Wi-Fi password

Chris Monroe/CNETHow to access router settings and change your Wi-Fi password

It’s always been important to set

a strong password

for your home’s Wi-Fi network, and it’s a good habit to change that password on a semiregular basis, too. That said, a lot of us tend to set our routers up and then never think about them again. Perhaps you let your ISP set up your network when you first started service with them, or maybe you asked a tech-savvy friend set it up for you. Maybe it’s just been a while since you’ve messed with your router’s settings and you can’t remember where to start.

Whatever the reason, I’m assuming that you’re reading this because you’d like to change your home’s Wi-Fi password (great!), and you aren’t sure how to do it (no problem!) The good news? Changing your network password is probably a lot easier than you think — and if it’s been a while since you’ve messed with your router, it’s probably easier than it was the last time you tried, too.

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On top of that, maintaining a strong password for your home’s Wi-Fi network is more important than ever as we continue working and learning from home (and filling the place with all sorts of connected gadgets and gizmos). A good password will help keep all of that secure, and it’ll prevent people from using your network without you realizing it. Here’s how to update yours (and if you’re looking for expert guidance on how to pick and remember an appropriately

strong password, check this out


Most routers come with a free companion app that will guide you through setup and offer quick access to network settings. Typically, that includes the ability to update your network name and password.How to access router settings and change your Wi-Fi password

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First things first: Does your router or ISP offer an app for that?

Just about every router these days comes with a companion app to help guide you through setup, and apps like those will usually also let you log in to access your router’s settings — including the network name and password. Additionally, most internet service providers (ISPs) offer an app to manage your account, and if you rent your router or gateway from your ISP, that app will likely include quick access to your network settings, too. In either case, downloading that app and logging in will be the fastest and easiest way to change your network’s password.

I’ve included links to the most common network control apps below — just figure out what sort of router you’re using, and then tap Android or iOS depending on what sort of phone or tablet you’re downloading the app on. Once it’s downloaded, open the app while you’re connected to your router’s network, and then follow the instructions for creating an account and logging in. From there, the option to change your network’s name and password should be prominently featured in the app’s settings section.

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