Internet Difference Between Tor and VPN and Which one is Better

Patrick JonesInternet Difference Between Tor and VPN and Which one is Better

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05 August 2021, 08:08 pm

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There are a lot of people who consider the Tor and the VPN same term or same thing because they do a relatively similar job but in reality, tor and VPN are quite different from each other in many ways.

The Virtual proxy network or VPN is comparatively faster than the tor in browsing content since both of them are responsible for accessing the blocked or restricted content. You can find the major difference on surfshark guide on Tor vs VPN.

If we talk about the TOR the word is derived from the project onion router. The reason behind it being called the onion browser is that just like different layers of onion your data gets routed through several security layers.

The primary task that tor performs is that it protects the user from the tracking and data monitoring tools of different sites.Internet Difference Between Tor and VPN and Which one is Better

The tor has its very own network that can be accessed by using a Tor browser as soon as you place the request for the information through browser, the browser will select a random node and will be connected to it, and after that the selected node will select another random node and this will go on.

Since all this process happens randomly so there is a very small risk of getting tracked by the different traffic analysis.

Advantages of using a tor browser

There are several benefits of using a Tor browser and some of these benefits are:

As we know that the Tor is based on the distributed network that is ran by several different volunteers so it is nearly impossible for any governmental organization to shut it off.

It saves you from getting your personal information misused as it saves your IP address and without it no one can track who you are and where you are thus saving you from all sorts of cybercrimes, hackers and criminals.

As it passes the data through multiple layers it is super secure and on top of that it is very easy to use.Internet Difference Between Tor and VPN and Which one is Better

The tor network is run by the working of several volunteers so it is nearly impossible for the any governmental organization to shut the tor network making it super reliable.

It allows the user to access all sorts of restricted data websites and content that is restricted for a specific area or a country.

The tor browser is completely free and there are several browsers on the internet that are free and are ready to install and work instantly.

Disadvantages of TOR:

Just like all the other things the tor has its downsides and troubles as well and some of these issues are:

Compared to the VPN the tor is really, really slow and the major reason behind the insanely slow browsing speeds of the tor is that it passes the data through multiple layers and several nodes that makes it secure but on the other hand super slow as well.

That is why it is a general rule that Tor is not ideal for streaming movies and videos online because they take too much time to load and the user loses his patience.Internet Difference Between Tor and VPN and Which one is Better

The exit node is node protected making it extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking, so any person that is running the exit node of the tor network is capable of seeing all the personal stuff and IP address of the user as well.

The tor is very problematic as it can only be properly run on the websites that are integrated with the tor browser, this means that Tor doesn’t provide the protection for the browsers that are not tor integrated.

As the tor network is completely free there is no maintenance and if any network problem arises it takes a lot of time to get fixed.

As the tor is basically used by the users that want to hide the sensitive information that means a lot of hackers and cyber attackers are there and constant use of the tor can also mark your IP address.

The tor can easily access the dark web and this might be bad for those who don’t know about it resulting in getting hacked.

What is a VPN

The VPN allows the user to change the IP address of their device with the VPN server and then encrypts the connection between the user and the VPN server thus allowing him to access the restricted content while saving his privacy protecting him from data tracking.Internet Difference Between Tor and VPN and Which one is Better

Through the VPN you can easily mask your physical location and thus making your IP address appear like the IP address of the country whose VPN server you are connected with.

Advantages of VPN

There are several advantages of the VPN and some of these advantages are:

The VPN is very fast in comparison to the TOR, the tor passes the data through several different nodes that makes it slower in browsing but in the case of VPN you are connected to a single VPN server that helps you browse faster compared to the TOR.

There are several VPN software’s and apps available on the internet and the play store that are free completely.

As the some of the VPN are paid so the funding helps in the maintenance of the VPN network making sure it is working smoothly all the time making it very reliable as compared to the TOR network.

Disadvantages of the VPNInternet Difference Between Tor and VPN and Which one is Better

There are some disadvantages of the VPN as well as some of the most commonly known problems are:

Some VPN are infamous because they can log into the user browser history making him exposed and putting his privacy at stake.

Some VPN’S are very expensive and some of them offer a trial period after that they asks you to purchase premium or experience a slow network even slower than a Tor.

The tor has its own benefits and the VPN has its own but mostly they are both important depending on their use and requirements of users.

Other than that, both are similar as they both protect the privacy while allowing access to restricted contents.

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