Is it possible to monitor someone’s online activity?

There is not a straightforward and simple way to access someone’s internet activity or history. Even if you have the same router connection; there can be different approaches to monitor an individual’s online activity. However, your router can be set up in a way that you can log into the user’s browser history. Just keep in mind that this privacy violation, no matter what the reason is behind it. But if we look at the brighter side of it, a monitoring system or a tracking service like uMobix can help parents keep an eye on their children’s activity.

With so many apps surfacing in the internet world lately, every parent wants to gain control over their kids and their activity. Children have access to Netflix, Snapchat, Instagram and what not. Where this exposure can be used positively as it helps youth to showcase their talent. However, if not used appropriately, it can be harmful for the community.

Router Tracking

There are several third party softwares that are used by parents for gaining control over their child’s online activity. Router tracking softwares is extremely helpful for parental control. A simple research can guide you for this task. However, monitoring and tracking activity through routers can be a little discreet. It also gets a little tough to remove this software from the computer by the user.

Web Tracking

Is it possible to monitor someone’s online activity?

Web tracking is used by multiple organizations to track and monitor their employee’s activity. It is extremely helpful for the employers and is handled by the IT department. It helps the IT team’s admin to take a deeper insight of the website and also differentiate between a productive and non-productive website. Likewise, web tracking systems can be used for parental control purposes as well. However, it depends on the systems you are using. But it is always better to opt for router tracking if you are aiming to control and view your child’s activity.

Is it okay to monitor or track a user’s activity?

The Internet is filled with endless distractions and innumerable sources of information. It is quite easy to get sidetracked and the distractions become a huge cause of unproductivity for the user. It reduces productivity in the workplace. Moreover, many times, employees land on pages that are malicious and put the company’s data on risk. With the cyber crime rate increasing with each passing day, the criminals are always prying on data. A slight mistake can end up as a huge blunder. With the help of user activity web tracking, an organization is able to handle this mismanagement really well. It helps the admin in taking the necessary steps that are needed to protect their data. It also aids in mitigating insider threats, so that the company’s system remains free of all possible risks.

Does it really help in boosting employee productivity?

This is a rising confusion; does user activity tracking really help in boosting employee productivity? Well, yes it does. We all know that the internet has become a huge source for completing almost any task that is handed over to them. With an activity tracking system, organizations can restrict certain websites and areas of the web for their users. This limits their distractions and makes it easier for employees to focus on work.

Is it legal to do so?

If you are tracking or monitoring user activity, for a positive reason; it is legal to do so. For instance, when parents are monitoring their child’s online activity, it is completely legal to track every detail. Moreover, with the passage of time, as the internet is becoming vast, it is crucial to keep an eye on children. Thus, third party softwares and router tracking is helpful for parents in this situation. Likewise, organizations can also use these web tracking systems to protect their company’s data. It helps them in numerous ways and becomes a smart source of boosting productivity as well.


So is it possible to monitor someone’s online activity? Yes it is! But it really depends on the purpose.Organizations can use web tracking

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