Differences between Honor Magic4 Lite and Honor Magic4 pro

Honor remains at the top of the high-end with its two recent models, the Honor Magic4 Lite and Honor Magic4 pro, devices similar in name, but different in specifications that will make you enjoy the best premium technology on the market. Don't miss each of their differences!

Differences between Honor Magic4 Lite and Honor Magic4 pro


Honor Magic4 Pro

It is a modern terminal with a curved design on the front and back that offers an elegant and somewhat futuristic look; the screen is AMOLED and will also be curved on each of its 4 axes, but these curves have their reason for being, and it is simply to give a slim design with barely visible bezels.


The screen is one of our favourites thanks to its 120HZ dynamic panel that ensures excellent response speed for use with imperceptible refresh on the panel. In terms of processor you'll find the Snapdragon 8 generation 1, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage in this model as well as in the Honor Magic4 Lite, so there's no noticeable difference in terms of performance specs.

As for the battery, you'll have 4600mAh available and a 100w fast charging section that you can take advantage of wired or wirelessly. The camera section is a real highlight, as for the front camera it integrates a 12MP dual camera with 3D ToF sensor, on the rear camera you'll find the 50MP main sensor combined with a 50MP wide angle, 64MP 3.5x telephoto and a dTOF depth sensor, combined in a phone with IP68 protection so you'll never have to worry about water.


Honor Magic4 Lite

Honor magic 4 lite specs are very similar to those of the Honor Magic4 pro, the differences are basically in some minor specs in order to reduce the price a bit and make it more accessible. You won't find any changes in the screen, both handsets offer AMOLED technology with 6.81-inch, 120HZ panels and Full HD plus.

The same applies for processor and memory, as it also comes with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and 8GB of RAM combined with 256GB of internal storage. As for the battery, although it is slightly larger at 4800mAh, it feels less powerful as it supports a lower 66W fast charging compared to the 100W Pro model.


The photography section also offers its differences, for example, the main and wide-angle sensor remain at 50MP, but the telephoto sensor drops to 8MP and the front camera also decreases in quality with a 12MP lens. Even the IP certification changes to IP54.

Differences between Honor Magic4 Lite and Honor Magic4 pro

Design-wise, it's pretty simple on the back, completely smooth with a circular camera module taking centre stage; there appear to be 5 cameras, but it's only three; the sides of the design are slightly curved, allowing for a better grip, as are the curves of the AMOLED screen, intended to decrease the bezels and offer a better viewing experience.


There's no complaints about the colours and the crispness this screen allows for whatever content is playing, plus the colour veracity of the cameras will steal your breath away.

Another great highlight of the honor magic 4 lite 5g specification is the fingerprint reader that you'll find underneath the screen, water and dust resistant, ensuring you can unlock the phone under any conditions, this means even underwater, up to 1.5m deep for 30 minutes with either model.


It's time to take the leap into the future with Honor!

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